More than 30 killed in the protest in Iran

 Women are out on the streets protesting against the mandatory hijab. Bonfires are lit to set the hijab on fire. According to a source, 31 people were killed in the firing in Iran. The protest is leading to mass arrests. 

On 13th Sept, a woman named Amini and her family traveled to the capital city in Tehran. The purpose of the journey was to meet her relatives. It was evening when they were stopped on their way by the police. But, these police were not the usual police, they were the morality police, whose duty is to check whether a girl is wearing a hijab tightly or not. They treat women like toddlers. On that day Amini wasn't wearing the hijab properly. According to her family, the police dragged her out of the car and forced her to sit in the police van. Her brother kiarash tried to intervene but his arms were twisted behind his back. After his arms got free the police told him that they were taking Amini to the station and she would be released after an hour of re-education class. 

Amini's family told this to the human right activist. According to the Iran wire media website. Amini was then taken to the detention center. According to local media reports, Amini's brother claims that he heard screams from the inside. He was waiting outside the room, and suddenly he spotted an ambulance arriving. Amini was secretly taken to the kasra hospital. The police say that Amini was suffering from a heart attack. 

The heart attack was the correct reason, says the media. Amini was in a coma for the next two days. On the 15th, Sept Tehran police issued an official statement saying that after Amini's arrest she suffered a heart attack. Her brother claims that it was only two hours between her arrest and being taken to the hospital. On 16th, of September, unfortunately, Amini passed away. 

This incident rocked the country, as eyewitnesses present there told that Amini who fell into a coma after being admitted to a hospital, appeared to have been beaten inside the morality police van while being taken to the detention center. Amjad Bahasa, the father of Amini said in an interview with an extended news website that based on the calls of many girls who were detained with his daughter that day, he is sure that she was beaten. 

On the other hand, Iran's government rejects these accusations, and Iran's minister Ahmad Valid, claims that Amini had a prior illness and since morality police don't carry any weapons they couldn't have beaten her. The group of hacker activists leaked some medical documents to the media outlet Iran International. It shows the CT scan of her skull, bone fracture, hemorrhage, and brain edema. On the 17th Sept, a source from the hospital revealed to a media outlet that looking at her brain tissue was crushed after multiple blows to the head. 

According to the government supporters, citing neurologists claiming that the CT scan shows the psychological stress was caused by the previous brain operation, its critics claim that they show signs of a physical beating and trauma. The official government news sites said it could take three weeks for an inquiry to conclude. 

Dr. Hussein karampour is a top medical officer in the southern province of Iran. He published photos of Amini when she was admitted to the hospital. The picture clearly shows she is bleeding. Dr. Hussein wrote a letter to Mohammad Raeizabeb who is the president of the Iranian medical council on 18thSept. Dr. Hossein urged the organization to fulfill its duties over Amini's death. Also added, " act honestly to clarify and reveal the truth and stand by people". 

The government released CCTV footage that shows a woman falling to the ground in the police station. Authorities claim that the woman was Amini. But, Amini's father claims that this video is false. He demanded that since there were so many other cameras in the police can, the courtyard, show that footage. The police didn't respond. 

The protest grew bigger, and the people joined in huge numbers. At this point, Iran's president Ebrahim Rais said " I contacted her family at the very first opportunity, and I assured them we would continue to investigate the incident. Our utmost preoccupation is safeguarding the rights of every citizen." 

This is now an international issue, Nada Al-Akshif the present united nation commissioner for human rights, called for an independent investigation into the death of an Iranian woman who died while in the custody of the country's controversial morality police. Adding on she said that " the compulsory veiling laws remain of concern in Iran, where appearing in public without a hijab is punishable by imprisonment."

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