Mobilization in Russia.

 Russian President Putin declared partial mobilization in Russia. This means that the overage Russians are forced into going to the frontlines and asked to fight. This is the reason everyone wants to leave the country. There are traffic jams on the Russian borders. According to the media, Russians are mobilizing on the streets of Moscow, chanting " send put onto the trenches." The cheapest flight in Russia is from Moscow to Dubai which cost 300,000 rubles, it's around 400,000 rupees. It's five times more than the average income of a citizen in Russia. Still, all flights are full, and the prices are much higher than the usual price. The most searched item on the google in Russia is how to break your arms at home. The people are searching for this because if they get injured they may be excused from the war. According to Twitter a user from Russia tweeted on the 12th of Sept that the " time to counter the counter-attack of the counter-attack. They are the reason elite, born to compete never retreat ( z division) living or dead, always ahead, fed by your bread." This guy had enthusiastically tweeted in support of the Russian army. But, on the 20th Sept, this same account tweeted," Special military operation my d**k. They want to send us to war while they have fun in their yachts and send their kids to school. In the west, Putin and his friends are the opposite of communism and the Soviets are the paroxysm of capitalism. Ok, that's it, now I am fully supporting Ukraine. Guess what? I just received a convocation for mobilization, no f***ing way I'll join. They are losing if they think that I am their last hope." The opinions of mostly all Russians are changing, all are having negative opinions. It's quite funny when we enjoy wars on television and social media, but when it comes to going to borders and fighting you show your back and find excuses. Till now the war was on Ukraine's land but now Ukraine started recapturing its territories. The common citizens are realizing the consequences of war as they are forced to join the army. It's been said that putin and his battalion thought of just three days of the invasion plan. They thought once they are start capturing they will soon conquer Ukraine in just three days. But, those strategies did not work. The plan was futile, it's been around seven months. It was a stalemate situation for both countries as the places like Donbas were conquered by Russia but recently Ukraine bounced back and recaptured them. Currently, only a few areas in the south and east Ukraine are still occupied by Russia. Nearly 80% of Ukraine is safe now. The question is how Ukraine is able to defend? and how Ukraine is making a couter attack? The first and foremost reason is weapons supplied by Other countries. The most useful weapon is the American-made rocket launcher system known as himars. This means high mobility artillery rocket system. The plan is quite simple, Ukraine uses this Rocket launcher to destroy a wider range of areas such as the Russian railways, infrastructure, and logistics. These are some reasons why Russia looks like a weaker side currently. The current situation, in Russia, is a bit interesting the way this war is being prolonged, Russia is mobilizing it's citizens, and this is infuriating the civilians. According to a report over a 1,300 arrests were carried out in Russia for anti-mobilization protest. According to experts the war will end with negotiations. This will need time and both countries need to compromise. 

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