Stop buying, start adopting.

 On June 12, 2022, in kotul, Maharashtra. A boy named Viraj goes out early at 6 am for a morning walk accompanied by his sister. At a certain distance, a group of stray dogs attacked them, especially Viraj. His sister tried hard to save her but failed to stop those dogs from attacking. Viraj was killed by a group of stray dogs. It sounds outrageous. This is not the only incident, you find many on the Internet as, on May 27, 2022, a group of dogs is captured surrounding a child who is alone, and dogs start biting him. On June 28, a stray dog killed a 2 day-old infant after picking up the child from a private hospital ward. This is dangerous.

This issue never gets enough attention and people end up forgetting this. Hence, no steps to control this.

It is estimated that there are around 30 million stray dogs in India. The World Health Organization( WHO) calls them free-roaming pets.

Who is a stray dog? 

This is divided into three categories. 


  • An unrestricted dog can move wherever they want but is partially dependent on humans for food. This dog falls under category one.

  • An unrestricted dog who is completely independent and not dependent on humans for their food. Those dogs can find their food in the garbage. These dogs fall under category two.

  • The third category of dogs is those who have been abandoned by their owners. 

There is a huge difference between the dogs under categories two and three.  The second category of dogs knows the way to survive, but the dogs who are abandoned don't. They usually get killed In an accident or die due to diseases.

According to the 2021 state of pet homelessness index report, the rate of giving up pets in India is much higher than in the world. In India, more than 50% of current and previous pet owners have said that they have abandoned or given up at least one pet. This is the reason why we see many street dogs. 

It's not that the government is not doing anything. The government is taking some mandatory steps for them.

AWBI, Animal Welfare Board of India, works to prevent the abuse of animals. They implemented dog feeders, which provide food to stray dogs. 

What is the solution to these problems?

  1. Sterilize a pet dog, Sterilisation is a surgical procedure in which a part of your pet's reproductive organ is removed to permanently stop it from reproducing. Sterilization is done mostly on male and female dogs, cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs. For male animals, the testicles are removed, and this procedure is commonly known as castration.

  2. A vaccination program, if you own a dog then, please vaccinate it. Because it may be affected by many diseases. So remember precautions are better than cures.

  3. Enforce pet control laws, this will restrict dog owners from not abandoning it.

  4. Habitat control, if you will keep your habitat well, stop spreading unnecessary garbage.

  5. Control reproduction of dogs, There are two methods to prevent estrus, or heat, in a female dog: 1. Surgery - ovariohysterectomy (spay): Recommended. Ovariohysterectomy, or spay surgery, involves the surgical removal of the entire female reproductive tract, including the uterus and both ovaries.

  6. Start adopting stray dogs, as mentioned there are 30 million stray dogs in India. Our country's population is approximately 1.3 billion. In a group of at least four humans if they start taking care of at least one dog then there is no need for other solutions. 

If you can't feed a hundred dogs then feed one. The life of a stray dog is very terrible. They wake up with no hopes, they never know the next moment when they will die in an accident. They roam around to find food and water. They keep watching the activities around them to be safe. Save them, and start adopting.


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