Protest in Chandigarh University.

 There is a huge protest at Chandigarh university, Mohali. The reason behind this protest is to give justice to those girls who are victims of this viral video. One of the hostel mates of Chandigarh university records 60 videos in which the girls are bathing. It sounds bad and shamed but this is the fact. The girl forwards those videos to a boy. According to the girl the boy is from Shimla and he asked him to shoot those videos. The boy viral those videos as MMS. It's awful. The Warden asked several questions to the girl, but the girl was speechless. That proves her mistakes. There are some video clips on YouTube, in which the girl is trying to answer those questions. There are certain rumors on social media that a few girls have committed suicide. But after the fact check and police statements, it's clear that no girl has committed suicide. But the question arises why were the ambulances called to the university? The police officer says that there were a few girls who got anxiety attacks and were hospitalized. But they are fine now. The FIR has been filed against the girl and the police team is investigating this case in detail. The students showed a sign of unity as they started protesting soon after this incident was revealed. There are 100s of students on the road for justice. This case is now a social issue. The students of those ages are energetic, so they need to learn to utilize that energy positively. This case is investigated at a higher level and takes a sensitive part. The police are in a rush to find that boy. This is intolerable. The police have passed specific instructions to the students there. This case is in the talk of the experts. 

This is unacceptable. This activity was childish. This will impact the reputation of the university. And the parent will be ashamed of her daughter as this activity was unacceptable. The girl is suspended from the University and given custody to the police. 

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