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What Are The Latest Advancement In Gaming Technology?

The gaming industry has seen a magnificent development in technology over the decade. There have been some technologies in 3D and AI from the beginning and then there are others which have been introduced in the past few years. These recent years have been really great for the gaming industry. 

The video games industry has been with us from the 1980s and some amazing advances have made the future of gaming even better. The more you think about it, the more the people are getting crazier outside. 40 years ago, the people were playing pong but now is the time of virtual and augmented reality. This jump is enormous for a very small amount of time. This advancement explains how many users are interested in playing games all around the world. 

Addicting games has led to this sudden and fast advancement in the world of gaming. It used to be a kid thing when the idea of gaming was introduced. But now, even the adults are showing their interest in playing games. The difference between the graphics of the games on the 80s and the games of today is just phenomenal. Nowadays, games are made in a way that they feel so real and close to the real world. 

This has all been possible due to various latest advancements in gaming technology.

Here are some of the latest advancement in gaming technology:

Virtual reality:

If you are a dedicated gamer and looking for a fully immersive experience, then you must allow yourself to enjoy the VR (Virtual Reality). This technology has made gamers to experience something which was not at all possible before. Although Virtual reality has been with us for many years, recently it has been more collaborative. It is not one of those experiences now as it used to be when players had no idea about it. 

It is no longer an experience of isolation. This technology has added more fun to the actual gaming experience. You become a part of the game and this way you experience something which had never been experienced by you. 

Augmented Reality:

Well, what take things one step further than the Virtual reality? The answer is Augmented reality. It allows gamers to interact with their environment in real-time. AR makes it possible that you can play the game in your physical environment. For example, there are car games which allows you to play the game on roads in the real environment while overcoming the obstacles and people in it. There are shooting games as well which allows you to shoot the target with your smartphone. The latest example of such a game is Wizards unite, which allows the users to throw magic spells on the wizards using the smartphones. 

The latest advancement in this technology is the wearable UI that can need to eliminate the need to point the objects using a device.  

Amazing graphics:

The world of gaming has come a long way as compared to the days of basic 8-bit graphics. The cutting-edge advancements have made it possible for the new gamers to experience the games in the completely restored worlds with realistic textures. This makes you feel like you are inside the game and experience something mind-blowing. 

You are going to feel what the character is feeling at that point of time or might even become the character itself. All this has been possible due to amazing and real-time graphics.

High- definition displays:

The graphics of the game indeed needs to be good, but you need to have some genuine way to show them off. Nowadays, there are TV’s with 4K capabilities which means that it supports at 4000 pixels. The price of this technology has dropped eventually as more and more people have been using it. 

These televisions are providing the unbeatable crispness and colors that there else which can come close. 8K Television sets have also captured the markets and are changing the world of image quality. 

Mobile gaming:

Smartphones are now what has become a necessity. With the advent of smartphone technology, the gaming experience has been out of the living room and arcade and has been into your hands. People commuting through trains and buses in the morning are seen playing games in the morning on their smartphone devices. 

People are no-more sitting in their living room and playing console games or online games but are enjoying the digital gaming in their hands. 

Gesture control:

Do you want to play the first-person shooter games with real experience? Well, with the advancement in gaming technology, this is now even possible. Just with a wave of a hand, you can play the games. The two player games of tennis and other racing games can be played with this technology. 

The gesture control allows you to control the natural movements being made in the game so that you can actually feel like the part of the game and experience it closely. 


The gaming is an industry which will evolve with time and will continue to evolve in the future as well. The gaming industry is taking big steps towards an unconquered territory, exploring and pushing the limits. Let’s just sit back and take pleasure in experiencing the advancement in the gaming industry.